Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 !?!

What a great beginning to a new year.
We headed to Illinois to visit my mom and sister and brother-in-law.
The roads were snow free, and it wasn't bitter cold!
A clear road to Illinois!

Frankie photo bombing us!

We were also blessed with a warm day where we were able to get outside and take down all the outside Christmas lights, so now they won't be frozen to the roof until April!

Playing on the grass in January?

Okay, this was in the sun, but it was 40 degrees!

After that brief, balmy day, we are back to sub zero temperatures, and snow.
Yesterday we had a late start because of almost 7 inches of powdery blowing snow over night.
Today, we had a cold day. The same thing as a snow day but school was canceled because temperatures are expected to be near -40 with the wind chill! BRRR

Frankie HATES the really cold weather. He won't go out unless he absolutely HAS to! I don't blame him!

9 inches of snow in the last 3 days :-(
Welcome 2015!

A New Car!

Allison got her first car over 9 years ago, it was a used, great for a 16 year old, '98 Saturn SL2. It was a great car for her for the last 100,000 miles or so.
But, it was time.
Time for a
New Car

Kevin and Allison drove into Chicago land. They knew the car they wanted, had already made the deal with TrueCar. All Allison had to do was pick a color, and do the paperwork. 
I was outside when they pulled in and got these fun photos of Allison pulling into the garage.

We Love Our Family!

We had such a fun week prior to Christmas.
Allison came home.
Kris and Melinda came home.
It was so great having our family together!

The "Kids".

The girls.

The guys.

A LOT of our time was spent playing on our new x-box one.
Fantasia was our favorite!
Frank loved having everyone home.

Puddy and Frank loving on Allison.