Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Merry Christmas!! 2014

Thanksgiving with all the adult "kids" and the Wolfs was a great weekend full of laughter, great food, and Chicago Land shopping.
We returned home and put the tree up, and decorated and cleaned the house. All so we would be ready for the 39 extra Watts's to gather with us to celebrate family!
And now, presents are accumulating in the "secret" hiding place. And cards are ready to be mailed.
That must mean...
Christmas 2014 is almost upon us!
Allison should be home Friday night, with Puddy in tow.
Kris and Melinda should be here early next week.
Life is good in Le Claire!

I can't believe we have lived here 2 years already! Like I always say, how time flies!
Below are several photos of the last month or two.

We got the Major Prize puzzle put together!

Made Sugar Cookies

Hosted the Watts Family Christmas with 41 people!

Had Fun taking goofy photos

Went to Melinda's Symphony / Orchestra Christmas Concert

Grandma sitting on Santa's lap

Embarrassed Adult Children

Decorated the house

We let the kids at the family gathering decorate the living room tree. I love
how most of the decorations are on the bottom right side of the tree!
They even made the paper chain! It was so much fun to watch them do it all!

Decorated the Front Room tree

Merry Christmas Everyone!


kimmie said...

Just noticed that in the picture with you in the sleigh, all the ornaments are on the bottom 2/3s of the tree. Did the watts kids help with that one, too? :-)

The Watts Family said...

Ha Ha, that's funny! I hadn't noticed that.