Tuesday, July 8, 2014


It has been a lot of hard, hot work this summer, working on the hillside, and in the yard.
Kevin has been putting in a wall where the hill had some erosion problems.
We put in some drain tile to help with run off.
We mulched and
planted roses. ( more than half of our roses died because of the harsh winter we had )
We finally got some plants in the front yard.
It's a slow process, but I think the yard is beginning to look nice.
a fun google photo
 tomatoes and cucumbers - container gardening this year

 front landscaping
 Kevin and his finished wall

Frankie "helping"
that's a lot of mulch!


kimmie said...

what a lot of work - love the birdies picture. The ominous cloud over your back yard gave me goosebumps!

kimmie said...

"clouds in previous post ; )"

The Watts Family said...

It was pretty eerie!