Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Photo Fun


It's been over 3 years since we went golfing.

Kris and Melinda called and wanted to know if we would like to play a round of golf.
OF COURSE we would!
They ended up spending the night and we played again Sunday.
What a fun 28 hours:
Dinner at the Machine Shed
Resting and visiting
Breakfast at a local diner
More golf

What a great weekend!


A nice week at Kimmies!
Cool weather for July, I mean wow!
Mom's first cataract surgery.
Visiting outside,
And relaxing.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

4th of July


Happy 4th of July!

 waiting for fireworks
 I fried about 50 pieces of chicken! I had 3 pans going!
 Frank enjoying the shade.
 Waiting for fireworks.
 Red, White and Blue cookies!

86 Years Old

I hosted a birthday luncheon for my mom this year!
What fun!
She came with 3 of her sisters and a brother-in-law.
My sister and her husband were able to come too!
Kevin had to work, but got to visit for a while after he got home.
It was a great day!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Frank was so happy his cousin Baxter got to come for the day too! 

Summer Storms

We have had a lot of thunder storms this year. Even a tornado warning!
On the up side,
the grass is still green, and I didn't have to water plants for a couple of weeks. 

On the down side,
lots of flooding.
(downtown Davenport)

My poor rose is under water!


It has been a lot of hard, hot work this summer, working on the hillside, and in the yard.
Kevin has been putting in a wall where the hill had some erosion problems.
We put in some drain tile to help with run off.
We mulched and
planted roses. ( more than half of our roses died because of the harsh winter we had )
We finally got some plants in the front yard.
It's a slow process, but I think the yard is beginning to look nice.
a fun google photo
 tomatoes and cucumbers - container gardening this year

 front landscaping
 Kevin and his finished wall

Frankie "helping"
that's a lot of mulch!