Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Our Sixth Memorial Day in Wisconsin

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Our sixth year for the Leinenkugel's Chippewa Valley Century Ride. 
We had riders ride in all of the 4 different legs of the ride this year. 
Allison and Diana - 35 miles
Kevin and Travis - 50 miles
Kris and Melinda - 75 miles
Logan - 100 miles.
And this was Kim's first year to come and be on our support team!
We had a great weekend visiting, eating, touring the brewery, and of course riding!

Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera out of its bag. 
The only pictures I have are these that I took on my phone.

 In the Lodge, enjoying a few samples.
 Beautiful Wisconsin scenery.

 Travis's first Leinie tour.

Kim's first Leinie tour. 

Our photo bomber (dark hair and glasses, not part of our group :-) 

Melinda made that headband, cute!
Allison is wearing her bicycle shirt, I love it! 

Having a quick, last tour of the day.


kimmie said...

It was great joining you guys. Thanks for letting me butt in on your vacation!

Margo said...

I would love to be part of your support team sometime! It looks like a fun trip.

The Watts Family said...

A fun and tiring trip :-)