Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Our Sixth Memorial Day in Wisconsin

Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

Our sixth year for the Leinenkugel's Chippewa Valley Century Ride. 
We had riders ride in all of the 4 different legs of the ride this year. 
Allison and Diana - 35 miles
Kevin and Travis - 50 miles
Kris and Melinda - 75 miles
Logan - 100 miles.
And this was Kim's first year to come and be on our support team!
We had a great weekend visiting, eating, touring the brewery, and of course riding!

Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera out of its bag. 
The only pictures I have are these that I took on my phone.

 In the Lodge, enjoying a few samples.
 Beautiful Wisconsin scenery.

 Travis's first Leinie tour.

Kim's first Leinie tour. 

Our photo bomber (dark hair and glasses, not part of our group :-) 

Melinda made that headband, cute!
Allison is wearing her bicycle shirt, I love it! 

Having a quick, last tour of the day.

Morning of the Ride

Graduations 2014

Graduations Galore!
First our niece Taaron graduated from college...

Then our nephew Garrett graduated from High School...

And then our nephew Logan graduated from College...


We enjoyed a warm, early spring day on the Iowa State Campus waiting for Logan's Graduation.
Little Logie, the last of the Iowa State University Cousins.

ISU Cousins

It wouldn't be an ISU graduation without some wind/rain/snow. 
At least it was only rain and wind on this spring day

Floor Redo

I know it seems like a waste, but our new house had a floor problem. The wood laminate wasn't installed properly, seams were beginning to show, and boards were separating in places.
Kevin pulled most of it up before the installers arrived to save us a few dollars. They were going to charge us $600 to pull it up, it took Kevin less than 3 hours to do it. Yeah Kevin!!