Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The End of Summer

Allison and I are back to work, I found a position with the local school district. I'm so happy I found something! It's nothing like my library position, but it's a job and I like it a lot! I am working one on one with a special needs kindergarten girl. She is such a sweet girl, and so easy to work with. 

We are having a heatwave this week with temperatures into the high 90's and heat indexes into the triple digits! Poor Allison, her school doesn't have AC, but at least she is getting dismissed around 1:00 each day. 
She is really beginning to like teaching bilingual kindergarten!

Kevin is keeping busy at work, and we are enjoying having him home with us, he has no trips planned for quite a while!

 We planted 3 new trees on the hill, we will see how they do with this extreme heat. I need to water, water, water!
 My gladiolus were so beautiful, but like so many things this time of year, they are beginning to bend, and slowly dry up.

Mayflies are everywhere down here by the river! They swarm towards the lights, and it is really bad! It looks like a snowstorm in August!

Frank is doing really well considering he lost his pack leader Brindle 2 weeks ago. 

Brindle's last photo. Poor Brin, she was so old, one month short of 16 years!

We had a very nice summer, it went by so quick! 
We had so much fun with family and friends. 
And now we are looking forward to fall, cooler temperatures, windows open again, back to school, and more time with family and friends.