Thursday, July 25, 2013


Where does it go?

I wish I had blogged more, but I just didn't. No excuse except not wanting to. :-/

We have had a busy summer. In the past 2 months


Visited friends in Cedar Falls,
Went to Centerville for our niece's wedding (getting to see all of Kevin's brothers and sisters was so nice)
Had company from Missouri, Stephanie, Ethan, and Lucas.
Went to Chicagoland, and went to Six Flags with Kristopher, Melinda, and Allison.
Went to spend the day with my mom for her 85th birthday,
Went to baseball games of our 4 great nieces and nephews who live here in town,
Bbq'ed with family,
Went to watch Logan run, bike, and swim in a triathlon,
Bought a new truck for Kevin!

So, we have been keeping busy with all the extra things like traveling and company besides work, house, pets, contractors - working on yard, installing water softener, putting in new outlets, dentist and drs. appointments, looking for work, etc.

July is almost over, where has all the time gone?

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