Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Chippewa Weekend

A drizzly Saturday, heading out with 4 bikes!

We had fun playing Herd! Allison won.

Ready for a tour of the brewery after a long drive!

In the Lodge, having fun.


Good Morning!

Load 'um up!

I'm wearing a coat! It's cool!


kimmie said...

Thanks for the great photos! I know you all had fun together. I don't think I could do the ride, but the tour would be fun!

The Watts Family said...

If I can do it, so could you!

Maria W. said...

Nice pictures of everyone including the photographer! It was cold and rainy here that day--br-rr-r. Sounds like everyone had fun that weekend!

The Watts Family said...

It was cool, but I would rather have that than so hot I wouldn't want to ride. I am trying to get more pictures of me, I realized I was absent from a lot of our trips :-) it was a great weekend.

Margo said...

Great photos! I'm glad it was a cool day - much better than miserably hot! I agree with Kim, I would not be in for the ride, but the tour would be great.