Monday, January 14, 2013


Frank LOVES snow.

We've only had 2 snow falls so far this year, the first one right before Christmas (3-4 inches of the blizzardy kind) , and then the one Saturday night (about 2 inches of soft powder).
Brain Freeze!

Frank loves to bury his ball in a drift, and then dig for it, over and over and over again.
Where'd it go Where'd it go?

He loves to go to the top of the hill and get on his back and wiggle down several feet, and then do it again. I don't know how he learned to go sledding, he has never seen anyone do it, but he LOVES it!

His poor ball got left outside yesterday, and of course it was covered in dog drool, and when he went to get it several hours later, it was frozen to the patio. Did I mention it is pretty cold here? About 5 degrees this morning. Frank tried and tried to get it free, but it stayed there till morning when I kicked it free for him. He was so happy!

He was so young last year, I remember him making his way to the back of the garage and getting stuck in a drift. He cried and cried until I trudged through the snow to pick his little 15 pounds up and carry him back to the house. 70 pounds later, he is enjoying every minute he gets to play in that cold stuff! 

Crazy Dog!

Yes, that is drool! He is having so much fun, but that ball sure is cold!

Can we go in already? Crazy Pup!

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