Monday, January 14, 2013


Frank and Puddy sharing a bed! I guess after a year they are finally getting used to each other.


Frank LOVES snow.

We've only had 2 snow falls so far this year, the first one right before Christmas (3-4 inches of the blizzardy kind) , and then the one Saturday night (about 2 inches of soft powder).
Brain Freeze!

Frank loves to bury his ball in a drift, and then dig for it, over and over and over again.
Where'd it go Where'd it go?

He loves to go to the top of the hill and get on his back and wiggle down several feet, and then do it again. I don't know how he learned to go sledding, he has never seen anyone do it, but he LOVES it!

His poor ball got left outside yesterday, and of course it was covered in dog drool, and when he went to get it several hours later, it was frozen to the patio. Did I mention it is pretty cold here? About 5 degrees this morning. Frank tried and tried to get it free, but it stayed there till morning when I kicked it free for him. He was so happy!

He was so young last year, I remember him making his way to the back of the garage and getting stuck in a drift. He cried and cried until I trudged through the snow to pick his little 15 pounds up and carry him back to the house. 70 pounds later, he is enjoying every minute he gets to play in that cold stuff! 

Crazy Dog!

Yes, that is drool! He is having so much fun, but that ball sure is cold!

Can we go in already? Crazy Pup!

New Beginnings ~ 2013

2013, a new year, a new house, a new job, and a new town.

December 7th, Kevin and I left the Cedar Valley to begin a new chapter in our lives.

Now, a whole month later, I am finally updating my blog.

A lot has happened in the last 5 weeks...

Kevin stayed in a hotel for almost 2 weeks while I took the dogs to my sister and mom's and stayed there over a week. It was pretty strange, all of our belongings were in storage, except the few boxes of things we could cram into our two cars.

We moved into our house on the 18th after closing. (didn't get in till dinner time, so we put two stools together for the counter, microwaved some chili dogs, and slept on an air mattress;
8am the next morning brought the movers.
They got everything unloaded by 1:00 when the rain finally began to fall. It rained all evening as we unpacked box after box. Thursday the 20th, we unpacked, watched the rain turn to snow, and heard the blizzard blow snow against all sides of our house. We could barely see out any of the windows! We only got about 3-4 inches, but there were drifts a couple feet deep in places.
Kevin and I got the whole house pretty much in order by evening.
Friday, Kris and Melinda, were heading to Waterloo, they had only made it an hour from their house, when they called and asked if they could stay with us for the night, the roads were awful. The hour drive they still had to our house turned into 2 hours, but they made it, and were so happy to be off the road.
Allison got home from Nebraska Saturday evening. She missed seeing her brother, but Kris and Melinda had left mid afternoon once the roads were a little clearer. We were so happy that Allison decided to spend her whole break with us, 3 weeks!
Sunday, the 23rd, we decorated the tree, had 17 Watts' over for a soup/chili lunch, and enjoyed having a house full of kids!
Allison and I enjoyed baking, and cleaning on Christmas Eve. The three of us braved the stores and had fun watching the crazy shoppers.
Kevin, Allison and I enjoyed a nice quiet Christmas. We had a turducken for dinner, it was pretty good. Way more food than the three of us could eat.
Kris and Melinda came back on the 27th. One of our nephews came on the 28th. My sister, mom, and other nephew came on the 29th. My sister and mom went home the same day, but the nephews and Kris and Melinda all stayed until Sunday, the 30th.
Allison's boyfriend drove over from Ames on New Year's Eve and stayed 3 days. Allison left for Nebraska on the 4th.
We really enjoyed having everyone here, and yet are excited to get back into a routine of everyday life. I put in an application for the local school district and hope to find something, even if it is just being a para sub. (I really enjoy summers and weekends off. I will see how long I can do that before I need to find a real job).
Two different sets of friends have visited us from Cedar Falls, one couple had kept our freezer, full of food, while we were homeless, and they were so nice to bring it to us! The other couple brought us our house plants! What great friends to help us out AND bring us our stuff! What a HUGE help they were!