Thursday, October 25, 2012

Year of the house . Again!

Margo was right, it did look like we were trying to sell the house.  It sold in only 4 days!

God is GOOD!


It all began 10 years after moving into our home, a new roof, a new ac/furnace, new flooring downstairs, remodeled downstairs bathroom, new windows and doors.

Now, 2 years later, we finally put in new carpeting upstairs, and painted up there as well. All that is left to do now is the kitchen and the bathroom upstairs, and a little popcorn ceiling repair (why they put that in a house I'll never understand) and a little siding repair.

Kevin asked me the other day if I still like home improvement projects. I guess I do, but I'm not quite as enthusiastic as I was 2 years ago.

Sorry about the picture quality, but here are a few of the updates...
Kristopher's old room, now an office/ reading room.

Family room.

Downstairs bathroom.

New entry light. So much brighter!

Dining Room


Allison's old room. Now a guest room.

Master bedroom.

Master bedroom.


Upstairs Bathroom. 


Margo said...

First thought, "Love it! It looks fantastic!"

Second thought, "Looks like she's staging it to be sold..."


The Watts Family said...

Why? because there are no pictures back on the walls yet? Or because I am decluttering?

Anonymous said...

I love what you have done - your home always gives me such a sense of serenity and calm. Your spirit graces each space. Enjoyed looking for changes, like the front room chairs in your bedroom. All your (and Kevin's, and Frankie's too - he helped with the downstairs bathroom remember) has paid off. Beautiful home for beautiful people! kimmie