Friday, August 10, 2012

Black/Brown Belts!

This past weekend, Kevin, Allison and I earned our Black/Brown belts in Ikea furniture assembly!
Allison has set up house in Nebraska and is ready to begin her new life teaching!

Kevin and I had a great time (if you can actually have a great time moving)  helping her move, and will miss her so much, but we already are planning to visit her!

Returning an empty truck! It had been pretty full (only single layer)

It is dry in Nebraska!

Living Room Chair

Table and Chairs



*Allison's duplex is a new build and we moved in as the workers were installing towel bars, door handles, etc. So she is enjoying the newness of everything, and yet not enjoying the little things that aren't quite finished yet, like no connectors installed for the Internet, her range hood still sitting in the garage, etc.


Margo said...

This stuff looks too nice to be "first job out of college" furniture :-) You done good!

The Watts Family said...

I know right? Her parents must be too nice!