Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm Cooking Now!

The title says it all, I've been busy this morning!

We got home from Illinois yesterday, and I went to look at my garden. (a friend had watered for me while we were gone)

I harvested 1 squash, a huge handful of peas, 16 hot red peppers, 13 tomatoes, 12 cucumbers, and 8 onions. I added all of this to my already full vegetable drawers.

Today I made a large pot of spaghetti sauce and another large batch of spicy cooked veggies. (something like rotel tomatoes.)

All together today I have used:

all of my tomatoes, (forgot to count, and I kept adding, and kept adding. maybe 20?)
6 hot peppers
6 squash
5 onions
1 pound of spinach (not from my garden, but still organic, and do you know how much spinach there is in a pound? 16 oz! That's a lot of spinach!)


While in Illinois, Grandma, Kimmie, Allison and I attended and participated in the local library's Chocopalooza Night. I think 17 ladies brought in their favorite chocolate entry, and we all tried each other's and enjoyed an evening of chocolate and visiting.

As the event drew to an end, we all voted, and I was totally surprised when my chocolate cake balls were announced as the winning entry! (now I can tell people my cake balls are "award winning"!)

What a fun evening!
The Prize ~ A basket filled with chocolate treats!

Yummy chocolate fountain.

I love how the chocolate fountain mimics the fountain outside!

Wonderful music was played the entire evening!

Thanks Library Staff for a fun time!

Dog Days of Summer

Brindle, Frank and Baxter.

15 years old, 8 months old, and 10 months old.

Tug of Waring
Run, Run, Running

These 3 dog cousins had a great time playing together the past 5 days!
(well Brindle just had fun growling and watching the young ones be crazy)

Thanks for the food dumb dogs!

Country Fun

Wednesday found Allison and me headed to Illinois to visit my mom and sister and her family. We were headed to Illinois for some good food, laughter, and best of all, visiting with family we only see a few times a year. To make the week more interesting, we took along both Frank and Brindle! (did I forget to mention that Kim has a new puppy too?)

We had a great time, I helped mom rearrange furniture, helped her pick out a new refrigerator, made cake balls, ate out (several times!) visited, played in the yard with the puppies, went shopping at Ikea, saw Kris and Melinda, went to Chocopalooza, and enjoyed each other's company.

It was a great visit. Why can't we squeeze these visits in more often?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Watts Reunion ~ 2012

The Watts Family Reunion was a huge success this year! We had 51 folks attend at some point during the weekend. Most of us rented cabins at Lake Rathban, and enjoyed a weekend of fish fries, swimming, eating, and catching up. It was great seeing so many of the nieces and nephews, along with their kids, be able to make it. After all, they are the next generation that gets to keep these gatherings going.

Summer Fun

Cooking with my many veggies I've gathered from my garden!

Listening the the cicadas scream.

Throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball!

Had to detour because of an escaped criminal!

A day trip to Clear Lake! 

Kevin's Birthday!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Out Growing Everything

Frank is out growing a lot of things lately. Yet another collar, his bed, and now even his pool. We got him a new one yesterday and he loves it!

Fourth of July Harvest

I have really enjoyed my garden this summer.

I've had a few radishes and strawberries, but it is now beginning to really produce.

I've picked a couple of squash, lots of cayenne peppers, some onions, and this is today's harvest...

And so it has begun, harvesting our many veggies.
I hope we have enough we get tired of them!

Happy 4th of July!

Sunday, July 1, 2012