Friday, June 29, 2012

Quiet Before the Storm?

Sitting outside with the dogs, drinking my coffee. What a great way to spend a morning. I grabbed my camera and decided to take a few photos.

Franklin Geoffrey Posing With His Soccer Ball

Frank Playing Soccer


My Garden, Oh How It Has Grown!

Brindle, Almost 15 Years Old
And a storm is brewing...


My Bag

Allison's Bag


Anonymous said...

Love your totes - better than Vera Bradley, even! When does Allison have to leave? And your garden looks great! Same storm just went through here - not enough rain to do anything to our drought. Frankie must have gotten a new soccer ball. Kimmie

Anonymous said...

Allison will leave either the end of july or first of august. I will miss her alot. I've enjoyed having her home the past 6month months! Even better than vera bradley? Did your nose just grow? We didn't get anything from the storm either. Farmers are a little worried. Frank has almost destroyed this ball as well. Dina

Margo said...

Love the totes! My nose won't grow, as I am only moderately fond of Vera Bradley... But these are great!

The garden is beautiful! I hope you get to enjoy eating all that wonderful growing stuff and that the bugs/squirrels/rabbits/deer/ storms don't get it.

Margo said...

oh! and the storm! I love the cloud pics!