Monday, June 25, 2012

Another Successful Visit

And yet another visit with the nieces has come and gone.
We took them home yesterday in a quick five hour mini tour of Iowa.
We met up with family members in parking lots and gas stations for quick good-byes.
We started out early (8:30) after a late movie night.
The girls all fell asleep less than an hour into the trip.
I couldn't resist taking a few pictures of them...


Anonymous said...

don't you love those boneless sleeping-in-the-backseat photos?! your house will be quiet!!! and the "ladies" will have such wonderful memories. their moms will be hard-put to keep them from getting bored for the rest of summer, following auntie d's fun days! kimmie

Anonymous said...

I couldn't stop laughing. Every time we turned, they all flopped over. And yes, our house is so much quieter now. Dina

Margo said...

Love it!