Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Best Picture of All!

I'm sitting here in front of our large picture window. The chair is turned to use the buffet table as a makeshift computer desk. I'm looking through photos on the computer, and I stop and look up. Out the picture window there are robins sitting in the tree. I look again, and there is a bushy tailed squirrel eating his breakfast high in the branches. White marshmallowy clouds floating through the blue sky.

The morning is still but for these few things, and I realize that this picture is more beautiful than any of the ones I can find on the internet, or off of my camera.

Thank you God for such  beautiful "pictures" to look at this morning!


Anonymous said...

Amen! I enjoyed one of His pictures last night at sunset sitting out front. kimmie

Anonymous said...

I need a like button :-) - Diana

Margo said...

How about a picture of a deer grazing it's way across my back yard, with a couple bunnies sitting at the base of a tree, while a cardinal flashes past.