Sunday, February 26, 2012

Basement Bathroom Update '12

Before - dark, old, very dated basement bathroom.
New plumbing, drywall, everything.
Floor and Shower are in!
Vanity and Toilet are in! Almost done!
Finally finished! 


Anonymous said...

love the shower and floor - were the tiles hard to do? kimmie

Anonymous said...

well, we ended up letting our plumber guy do it, he said he could. I think Kevin and I could have done it though, we had originally planned on doing it ourselves. It didn't seem hard, just lots of wait time between the steps. You have little spacers to put between the tiles, and they came in 12"x12" tiles 36 smaller tiles on each one. It sure looks better than the old one! - Diana

Margo said...

I love it :-)

kym said...

all your work always inspires me! :)