Monday, January 16, 2012

Frank the Small Brown Puppy

I need a better title name for this cyclone of a brown puppy.
Frank the Small Brown Puppy
Frank the Growing Machine
Frank the Monster Puppy
Frank the Cuddly Pup

I don't know, any suggestions?

The small brown puppy name won't last long because he is already 20.4 pounds.
He is doing so well, he will sit, lay down, and we are working on retrieving. Sure he goes and gets his toy, but doesn't always bring it back. I would love to have him stay as well, but he needs a lot more work with that one. How can a 10 week old puppy stay? Let me tell you, not very well!

Brindle is still doing really well with Frank, Puddy on the other hand hates him. He is too hyper for him. They can be in the same room, but if Frank gets near the kitty, off Puddy runs. I can't blame him, I would love to do that at times too. Did I already say Frank is a whirlwind of energy?


Anonymous said...

I can tell he's already grown! Hopefully, we'll be able to come see him (and you) on the week-end. We call Samson "the buffalo doggie" because, when he's running full tilt at us in the pasture, he looks like a shaggy buffalo - you always wonder if he will stop in time or if he is just going to plow you over. So far, he has always stopped. I am sure Frank will make his name known to you as time goes by. That's how the best name come about. kimmie

Margo said...

The best names just come and whisper in your ear when you are messing around... Morrigan is my panther kittie, and Brigid is my aspergers kittie. Olwyn is sort of like Frank right now. I call her Little O, but I know she will let me know her real name at some point. I love how Frank has grown!!!