Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Whirl Wind of a Month!

What have we done since Thanksgiving?
Well, what haven't we done may be an easier question to answer.

Each weekend we have been somewhere other than home, and each weeknight we have been preparing for the next weekend...Whew!

Thanksgiving was great.

Jingle on Main was so much fun with the fireworks, shopping, music, and visiting with friends and family downtown!

The VanRheenens and my mom came for a short visit.

The Watts Family Christmas Bash - 36 of us there this year- babies everywhere!

Move Allison's stuff to the downstairs bedroom, bring the reading chairs upstairs
move Allison's stuff from DesMoines home - she will be here after this weekend!

Oh, our washer finally died, it's been getting louder and louder and sounded like a jet engine - then nothing- let's go shopping in our free time.

We got the tree up (last night - that is like the latest we have had it up in many, many years).

Start Christmas cards.

This weekend, is Allison and Kris's graduation.
Yes, they are both graduating! Allison with her Bachelors, and Kris with his Masters.
What an exciting time in their lives!

Help Kris and Melinda move their things into a storage unit, and then over the new year, get them moved to Illinois so they can begin their next, new chapter in their lives!

Oh, and update blog. :-)

Ready or Not Christmas is less than 2 weeks away!

allison trayton dalton

melinda and kris swinging connor allison holding leah

diana holding leah

moving allison

old dog brin

kevin and allison - moving

kevin and allison loading the truck

allison dina and brin loading the truck :-)

movin' out

following kevin home on the hour and a half drive - i got a little bored and started taking photos, is that legal?

wild turkeys in our back yard - wild!

kevin can park pretty well!

having loads of fun with our new washer and dryer

putting up the tree


Margo said...

Looks like you had decent weather for moving Alison :-) I'm thinking about being greatful for small things. Love the wild turkeys!

Maria W. said...

Another busy weekend for you coming right up! Nice pics! -- Maria W.

Anonymous said...

Love the "tree room" - surprise, not only do you get your daughter back in the house, you get new furniture! My congrats to her and Kristopher both as they graduate and move into their new chapters! kimmie