Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Monumental Day!

Kristopher Patrick and Allison Kasey
Sitting in the auditorium today, it struck me what a monumental day today was! Kris and Allison were both on the floor, waiting to hear their names be called so they could walk across the stage and become Iowa State University Alumni. (for Kris, this was his second ceremony in a year and a half!)

Kevin and I are so blessed to have such wonderful children, and we are so proud of all their accomplishments, especially this latest endeavor - graduating from ISU!
Kristopher and Dr. Stone - Tebow Style

Kristopher and Melinda Watts

A proud daddy!

Allison walking across the stage.

Hi Allison!

Hi Kris!

Two down, two to go! ISU cousins.

Kris, Melinda and the "rents"

Allison and Juan

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Margo said...

Congratulatios to the proud Mom and Dad!!! You done good! Oh, congrats to the grads as well - it did take a little effort on their part.