Friday, November 25, 2011

Over the river and through the state, to Kris and Melinda's we go...

Thanksgiving 2011 was a little different this year.

Not bad different, but

my family is growing up, good different.

We headed over to Kris and Melinda's around 9:00 10:00 and enjoyed a day of looking through ads, checking out Melinda's new car, cooking, eating, cleaning, eating, visiting, and putting a puzzle together.

What a fun day. We headed home around 7:00, and by the time we got home we only had an hour and a half till Wal-Mart's black Thursday Friday began.

There was not a thing I wanted, no 2 dollar waffle maker, no dollar fifty movie, but we went anyway. We went inside and made a not-so-quick trip into the madness -and promplty left!

I had never seen anything like that in all my black Friday shopping! Wall to wall people! You couldn't move!

We went home and looked through ads again, and then Allison and I went to Yonkers. Only a 15 minute, or so, line. I can handle that.

We went back to Wal-Mart around 1:00. Made a quick loop, found nothing we wanted, so bought some eggs, beets, cream cheese, and rice. We were tired and giggly as we waited behind one person (we could have done a self check out without waiting, but wanted to purchase our goofy order with a real person).

Off to Target, where once again, there was nothing we wanted, but we were right there so why not..

They were more organized then Wal-Mart had been, but wow! The line went back and forth through every isle. All the way to the back of the store! What smart planning! There were people buying TV's, and cat litter! At 2 in the morning!

We had a great "experience" laughing at the crazies!

In bed by 2:45. Whew! What a day!


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Margo said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun.