Monday, November 21, 2011

6 Weeks

There are only 6 weeks left until 2011 will be history.

We think we are doing pretty well so far in the holiday preparations department...

Thanksgiving Pies are on the agenda this week...

Thanksgiving will be different this year. (just like every year I guess :-).
Kris and Melinda are hosting! How fun that will be!

Outside decorations are in place, and waiting for the weekend to be lit.
The last of the leaves have been collected, and the trees are bare, waiting for the snow to fall.

The Christmas lists are being made and just as quickly checked off. (We are trying to get everything bought and done early this year. So far so good.)

Wait, only 6 weeks?

Black Friday this week?

Holiday Hoopla downtown Friday night.

A quick work trip to Florida for Kevin.

Boxes of Christmas Cards stacked on the end table in the living room, a constant reminder to get busy!

Christmas Cookies to make,

House to decorate,

Christmas parties to attend, and even host.

Squeeze in an out-of-town Family Christmas Gathering. (my ugly sweater is no where ugly enough....yet)

A work "team building" get together.

Kris and Allison will both graduate in one short month!!

Allison has to move by the 31st.

All in 6 short weeks!


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Happy Thanksgiving Watts family!

Kelly W.