Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcome October

October arrived with a cool, plant covered, morning.

September is only a memory...
A wedding
back to school
Kevin's long days at work  (sometimes 12 busy hours a day planning for their huge class)

Welcome October!

Kevin and I had a great weekend, no plans, "nothing to do".


 Mowed the lawn and picked up sticks from our wind storm this week. (65 mph gusts)

 Took in recycling

Took Brindle for a walk around the lakes. The beautiful fall colors are beginning to arrive!

Got 2 vehicles cleaned, inside and out.

Went to church.

Took another long walk around town.

Watched the Bears win  :-)

and the Cyclones lose :-(

Welcome October!

What a great weekend!


Margo said...

Wonderful Autumn photos!!! I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice job with the fall pictures! It's nice to stay home once and awhile. Maria W.

The Watts Family said...

It is nice to stay home and get things done around the house. It seems like we rarely get to do that.