Saturday, October 8, 2011


Salvadorian pupusas with pickled cabbage and hot sauce. My new favorite food! Okay maybe not my favorite, but wow was it good! A pupusa is a thick, hand-made corn tortilla that is filled with cooked pork and cheese. It could have beans, or just the pork, but the one I had was pork and cheese. Then they top it with a pickled cabbage and hot sauce. Ummmm!
This morning, Kevin and I headed first to Ames, and then DesMoines. We picked up the kids, and headed to the 2011 World Food Festival in DesMoines for lunch. We enjoyed food from:
and probably more.

It was so much fun! And we got to try so many different types of foods.
Kevin and I enjoyed a quiet, scenic, back roads drive home. We saw farmers out harvesting, and beautiful fall leaves.

What a great fall Saturday!


Margo said...

Another fun autumn day for the Watts family. Looks like a great day out, and the food looks amazing! Must say, I love the photo of the Bacon Wrapped DSM booth. I couldn't tell what they had, but anything wrapped in bacon has got to be pretty good!

The Watts Family said...

We didn't even get anything from there. But I'm sure it all would have been good. Hope Georgia is treating you well. :-)