Friday, October 21, 2011

I hate being sick!

I          icky

H         hot

A         absent

T         tired

E         energy gone

B         blankets

E         eating? yuck!

I          icky

N         nauseous

G         g (i can't think of anything. i'm sick)

S          sick

I           icky (imagination is gone. i'm sick)

C          cranky

K         kindly leave me virus. it's almost the weekend!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


With a packed car, and a full tank of gas, Friday was a busy day. After work, we headed out of town to visit our long time friends. A long 6 hour drive put us into their driveway at 10:00 at night. Allison and Sho arrived around midnight, we visited for a while and turned in around 1:00. It was a short nights sleep.

I heard the first rousings of the fans around 4:45. We wanted to be on the road at 6:30 to get a parking spot and be able to find a good viewing spot for the parade.

It was the Mizzou 100th Homecoming!

A pancake breakfast, four lone red shirted fans among an entire gymnasium of yellow and black!
A parade, no red shirts anywhere other then ours.
Tailgating with Mizzou fans - friends who were good sports.

Off to the game, where at least there were a few other ISU fans cheering on the Cyclones.

What a humiliating game, I don't even want to talk about the score (52-17).
We finished up the day with dinner at an Irish pub.
What a fun Saturday!

We visited till 1:00 this afternoon, and then headed home.
What a great weekend!
Thanks Stephanie and Jason!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Leafy Sunday Stroll

Indian Summer In Iowa.
This week we have seen temperatures into the mid 80's, quite warm for October.
Kevin and I enjoyed a nice walk today, enjoying the last of the warm weather. The temperatures will begin to fall this week, by Wednesday it will be in the low 70's and  by Saturday they say the high will be only 58!

Ahh, Fall.

The leaves are really beginning to change now, and I love the way they smell and sound as I walk along the path.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Salvadorian pupusas with pickled cabbage and hot sauce. My new favorite food! Okay maybe not my favorite, but wow was it good! A pupusa is a thick, hand-made corn tortilla that is filled with cooked pork and cheese. It could have beans, or just the pork, but the one I had was pork and cheese. Then they top it with a pickled cabbage and hot sauce. Ummmm!
This morning, Kevin and I headed first to Ames, and then DesMoines. We picked up the kids, and headed to the 2011 World Food Festival in DesMoines for lunch. We enjoyed food from:
and probably more.

It was so much fun! And we got to try so many different types of foods.
Kevin and I enjoyed a quiet, scenic, back roads drive home. We saw farmers out harvesting, and beautiful fall leaves.

What a great fall Saturday!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Brindle - The Mighty Hunter

Brindle loves going to the lake, any lake, or pond, or shore, she love wading through the water.
She loves to chase frogs on the bank.
She loves to chase ducks taking flight.
As we walk on the path around the lake, she is my best friend. I really, really hate grasshoppers.
They jump
this way,
that way,
always my way!
I scream, and point, and Brindle goes into attack mode!

One less grasshopper in the world!
My hero,

Welcome October

October arrived with a cool, plant covered, morning.

September is only a memory...
A wedding
back to school
Kevin's long days at work  (sometimes 12 busy hours a day planning for their huge class)

Welcome October!

Kevin and I had a great weekend, no plans, "nothing to do".


 Mowed the lawn and picked up sticks from our wind storm this week. (65 mph gusts)

 Took in recycling

Took Brindle for a walk around the lakes. The beautiful fall colors are beginning to arrive!

Got 2 vehicles cleaned, inside and out.

Went to church.

Took another long walk around town.

Watched the Bears win  :-)

and the Cyclones lose :-(

Welcome October!

What a great weekend!