Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Allison Kasey!

Allison's birthday is Monday, September 12th. Kevin and I had the privilege of going to visit her this weekend, and we were joined by Kris and Melinda. What a special day we all had helping Allison celebrate her special day...

A sunny cool morning saw us heading to Des Moines .We stopped in Ames to pick up Kris and Melinda, what a crazy idea that was! The kick off of the ever popular, Iowa/Iowa State game was only an hour and a half away! Cars were everywhere! Exit lanes were backed up for over a mile! We finally made it to Kris and Melinda's apartment, and quickly were on our way.

Off to Allison's apartment. A quick plugging in of the crock pot, a petting of Puddy, and off to the Des Moines Farmer's Market. This was our first time going, and it was incredible, the largest one we had ever been to. It was more like market day in Italy.

French Pastries, Dutch Letters, Vegan Chorizo Tacos, Beet Smoothies, and Fresh Apple Cider. What a diverse morning of  food we enjoyed!

Next stop, the furniture store, Kris and Melinda needed a sofa.

While we were at the furniture store, we had an unexpected, fun experience.  Between looking for sofas, and talking to salesmen, we kept returning to the theater seating area where the TVs on the wall were all tuned into the Iowa/Iowa State game. As the minutes ticked away, we just sat down and enjoyed the end of the game.  More and more customers and salesmen and women came and enjoyed the game, Iowa State fans, and Iowa fans together, filling the chairs, and floor in the entire area. It sounded like a sports bar, the cheering and the groans. What a fun time! Iowa State finally won in triple over time! Yeah!!!

A visit to the local winery was our next destination. Only minutes from Allison's apartment, we enjoyed Iowa made wine and beer samples. Of course we had to make a few purchases. :-)

Back to Allison's for sauerbraten, spaetzle, green beans and ice cream cake! Yummy!

A quick trip to the mall, and we were on our way home, 12 hours after leaving.

I am so glad we got to help Allison celebrate her birthday this weekend.
What a fun day, shared with our wonderful, grown kids.


Margo said...

Happy Birthday Allison!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Allison! Love - Aunt Kimmie