Sunday, August 14, 2011

Deep Fried Butter On a Stick

Iowa State Fair 2011

We had the best time at the fair this year! We went with Stanley and Maria Wolf, Kris and Melinda and Allison. We had a great time seeing all the crowds, exhibits, and of course the food.

We had to try to the new state fair sensation, Deep Fried Butter on a Stick! We stood in line for about 25 minutes talking with perfect strangers in line about the sick sounding treat. We got to the front of the line and had to add to our order a deep fried pineapple on a stick and a deep fried snickers on a stick.

We justified it by saying we only come to the fair every of couple of years, we are having a mini vacation weekend, we aren't eating a whole one and the excuses go on and on...

And the consensus among all 7 of us, was

They were all GREAT!

It was funny, as each customer got their deep fried treat, strangers would come and watch them eat it, asking all kinds of questions. We actually had done that before we got in line. The man we talked to said it was definitely worth it, but he wish he would have ordered two.

The line starts way back there!


Busy at work

Heart Attack Menu

First bite for Allison

Buttery Goodness

Oozy Goodness

Pineapple on a stick

Pineapple on a stick

Butter on a stick

Fellow fair goer enjoying his Deep Fried Butter

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Margo said...

OK...after seeing the pics, I'd have to try it too. It looked much better than I thought it sounded! :-)