Thursday, August 11, 2011

10 on 10

I had seen this 10 on 10 thing several months ago, but every 10th of the month I would forget. Finally yesterday I remembered to take 10 photos, one each hour of the day. They aren't that thrilling, I have been very busy getting ready for school, Melinda's shower, moving Allison, painting, and the list goes on and on.

Summer has been here awhile, and the flowers are showing it!

We let Allison take our small kitchen table for 5 months, so we have the larger one in the Kitchen now. A little crowded.

Getting ready for Melinda's shower on Saturday.

The windows are open!!!


Look at those temperatures! In August, we are so fortunate!

Kevin's big blue truck. We used it to move Kris, and wow, what a gas guzzler! But quite the help, we were able to get him all moved in with few problems.

I've really enjoyed being a part of the Facebook group "You know you are from Belt, Montana if..." It has been fun reminiscing with fellow Beltites. (Beltians? Belters? Belt.. Belt Alumni?)

Trying to finish painting the deck.

Allison moved to DesMoines to do her student teaching this semester. Trying to get her room cleaned, and ready for overnight guests, maybe even Allison if she ever gets to come home for a visit. :-)


Anonymous said...

busy time for you - am thinking of you as you deal with all these huge life changes. The BVHS group is fun to read! Thanks for listing me to the group. kimmie

Margo said...

BZ, BZ, BZ... I love the 10 on 10 photos.