Thursday, July 28, 2011

Canoe Trip 2011

Kevin and Kris headed to the river with several of Kevin's co-workers last week.

They had a fun time spending most of the day drifting along the flood stage water.
(I didn't think they were crazy at all!)

They all made it safely to their destination, about a half of an hour before a huge storm was upon us.

The canoe was almost pulled off the top of our Vue on the way home by very gusty winds!

These too are camera photos, but they turned out pretty okay! Surprise, Surprise!


I've been such a slacker this summer. I own 3 nice cameras, and yet I seem to always leave the house without  one.

Most of the photos in the previous posts have been taken on my cell phone. That's why they are grainy, out of focus, and just all around icky.

But, at least there are photos. Better icky, then none at all.

I did grab one this morning as I looked at the approaching storm. We have been fortunate right here, but to the east of us, they haven't been quite so lucky...
10+ inches of rain over night! Wow I can not imagine!

Melinda's Bridal Shower

Melinda had her first bridal shower this month.
She looked beautiful in her white sundress,
and we had a fun time visiting and watching her open many nice gifts.

Just a little over a month until the wedding. :-)

Fun at Uncle Kevin's and Aunt D's

With heat indexes entering the 120 range, this summer with the nieces was a little different. Not nearly as much time was spent outside. Even playing in the pool wasn't as much fun in that kind of heat.

So we did a lot of inside activities....


Making chocolate crepes

Baking brownies


Shopping for school clothes

Playing at a children's museum

Going to see a movie

Going to the water park

Checking books out at the library
and playing inside games.

Overall, I think the girls had a good visit, and it was fun seeing how much they had changed since last year.
Sure we have seen them since then, but together, without their families around, we really got to see how they have matured, and changed since last year.

We are so happy we were able to squeeze the time in to visit with these sweet young ladies.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

They're Here!

A brand new pool  and a slippery slip-n-slide adorn the lawn.

Popsicles fill the freezer, and kid friendly foods are on the menu for the week.

The Nieces are here!

Friday, July 15, 2011

In a Quandary

Three days ago we began the process...

We moved all the things on the deck to one side, and Allison


Two days ago we

Painted :-)

We got 2/3 of it done. (the part where there weren't any plants, furniture, or grills)

Yesterday it


I moved everything onto the painted section, and scrubbed the non-painted section (the deck was wet already anyway)...


Today it is stinking hot! Too hot for the paint to stick properly!

Tomorrow it is going to be even hotter!

Guess what, the next day it is even going to be hotter then that!

And there isn't an end in sight!

Add  the humidity and we get
Look at the photo, when I took my camera outside, the lens fogged up!

Thanks for sharing in our quandary.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Home Again, Home Again Jiggity Jog!

Six weeks have flown by, and Allison is home from Spain. She had a great time, met lots of new friends, and enjoyed the Spanish culture! We are so happy to have her home.

Welcome Home Kasey!