Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How On Earth ?!?

Puddy has always loved his birds! (July 2000)

How on earth did it happen?
The pet door?
A door held open too long?
A naughty cat?

There was a bird in our house this morning !?

I had heard the commotion while I was still in bed, I thought the cat was just going crazy as cats sometimes do. He was in Allison's room meowing and jumping around. I got up,told Puddy he was stupid, sat and had my coffee, and heard it again! I went to investigate. This time he was in my bedroom freaking out. And then I heard it! There was a bird in my room!

Being the brave, critter-wise, person I am, I closed the door and called my husband. Knowing he couldn't be home in the next minute, I donned my winter coat - hood up (I didn't want to get pecked at. you know how dangerous those sparrows can get!) I got some gloves, and entered the room. The first thing I did was grab the cat and throw him into the hall. (okay, I did that after I screamed as the bird flew to his perch atop the window curtain) I quickly went to the window he was not at and took the screens off (thank goodness for the new windows with easy to remove screens. I would have been 10 times as long if we still had the old windows) I opened the windows all the way and hurried out to get my camera. It took me maybe 10 seconds to grab my camera, and I carefully entered the bedroom. The bird was already gone. He knew what to do, and it wasn't to hang around for a photo op.

The excitement is over!
Now the cat is roaming the house looking for his new "toy".

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Margo said...

Oh! My! Gatto!!!

I can only imagine how you felt. That would almost warrant a 911 call. I can just hear it, "911, what is your emergency?" I have a bird in my bedroom, and can't brig myself to go into the room to open the window and try to get it out...