Friday, June 17, 2011

God Thinks You're Wonderful!

We were in the Christian Book Store about a year ago, and Allison had picked up this cute little book. God Thinks You're Wonderful! by Max Lucado.

We both read through it and loved it. It was so simple, and had such a good message... God Thinks You're Wonderful!

"Our hearts are

not large enough

to contain the blessings

that God wants to give.

So try this.

The next time a sunrise

steals your breath...

or a meadow of flowers

leaves you speechless...

remain that way.

Say nothing and listen

as heaven whispers,

"Do you like it?

I did it just for you."

So remember

"God is fond of you...

If he had a wallet,

your photo would be in it.

If he had a refrigerator,

your picture would be on it.

Face it friend.

He's crazy about you.

I had to buy the book, and I am so glad I did. I've enjoyed it several times, and I keep it out on the end table for anyone to pick up whenever. Just as a reminder of how God Thinks I'm Wonderful!

I hope you've enjoyed a couple of my favorite pages.


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Sverige said...

I had goose bumps and tears as I read this marvelous little book. Good for children of all ages. A fabulous depiction of God as the father who loves us and provides a special world for us. First rate Max Lucado! The illustrations are charming and perfectly suited to the material.