Friday, June 24, 2011

Early Morning Sun!

As you know, I am not a morning person. I like the idea of mornings, but when it comes to getting up early, I would rather just hit the snooze and get a few more precious minutes of sleep. Imagine my surprise this morning, as I am laying in bed, birds chirping, and the sun sneaking through the curtains, when I roll over and check the time.


I try to fall back to sleep, to no avail. :-(

As I finally become alert, and my eyes begin to focus, I notice the sun.

The Sun!

I haven't seen much of it in the past few days, and I notice the temperature, 54 degrees! It's going to be a glorious day!

I sit in my favorite spot and enjoy my coffee as I check my emails, facebook, and favorite blogs on the computer. I notice the sun shining lower on the tree out my window. Beautiful!

I go check on Brindle who I have already let out, and she is laying in the sun watching for those pesky squirrels to cross her path. (notice the bench, I painted two of them and a glider bench two days ago.)

Allison's car is covered in dew, what a pretty site on a late June morning!

Inside, I look out the kitchen window and notice our new windows, and I see cottonwood tuffs in the screen. How can that happen in such a short time. (maybe I don't like the way that sun shines in after all.)

I go check on the kitty, what is he up to this fine morning?

I should have known better.

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Margo said...

I'm glad you had a beautiful June morning to enjoy :-) It would have been nice sitting on your back deck with a cup of coffee, just relaxing in the early morning freshness. And, you know, we come by our love of early morning naturally. LOL!