Thursday, June 2, 2011

Leinie Ride 2011

Memorial Day weekend took us yet again to the beautiful, green state of Wisconsin.
To Chippewa Falls to be more precise.

The weather was beautiful, and Kevin, Kris and Melinda rode 50 miles again this year. They all said it was easier than last year. The weather was cooler, and yet not too cool. A wonderful sunny day!

I enjoyed the morning taking photos, relaxing, and going to the shoe sale. This year I went to the sale twice. The first time with everyone. Kris got 3 pairs of shoes, Melinda found a pair of boots, and I found a pair of shoes. Then, while they were biking the next day, I found a pair of boots, and another pair of shoes. :-) This trip definitely made up for last years, shoeless trip.

We enjoyed an outing at the River Bend Vineyard with live music, and good wine. None of us had ever been to a winery like that before, and we were definitely impressed with this one.

Of course we toured the Leinenkugel Brewery again, and enjoyed cool refreshments in the Leinie Lodge. :-)

We missed Allison again; her second year without joining us, but she had a good excuse. She is in Valencia, Spain, going to school for the summer. Maybe next year...

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Margo said...

Loving your updates! And all the pics! The bird in flight is just incredible.