Friday, June 24, 2011

Home Town Festivals

festival fun ~ 2000

We have lived here for 11 years now, and have attended our home town festival only a handful of times. We are usually at the lake during this week. This year we will be home, and I am looking forward to walking around and seeing old friends, eating fried foods, and enjoying the crowd.

Early Morning Sun!

As you know, I am not a morning person. I like the idea of mornings, but when it comes to getting up early, I would rather just hit the snooze and get a few more precious minutes of sleep. Imagine my surprise this morning, as I am laying in bed, birds chirping, and the sun sneaking through the curtains, when I roll over and check the time.


I try to fall back to sleep, to no avail. :-(

As I finally become alert, and my eyes begin to focus, I notice the sun.

The Sun!

I haven't seen much of it in the past few days, and I notice the temperature, 54 degrees! It's going to be a glorious day!

I sit in my favorite spot and enjoy my coffee as I check my emails, facebook, and favorite blogs on the computer. I notice the sun shining lower on the tree out my window. Beautiful!

I go check on Brindle who I have already let out, and she is laying in the sun watching for those pesky squirrels to cross her path. (notice the bench, I painted two of them and a glider bench two days ago.)

Allison's car is covered in dew, what a pretty site on a late June morning!

Inside, I look out the kitchen window and notice our new windows, and I see cottonwood tuffs in the screen. How can that happen in such a short time. (maybe I don't like the way that sun shines in after all.)

I go check on the kitty, what is he up to this fine morning?

I should have known better.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

How much fun can we squeeze into a single weekend?

1 - a car show

2 - a motorcycle show

3 - an air show

4 - checking out car lots

5 - 3 baby birds under the deck

6 - ribs

7 - a new smoker

8 - bbq

9 - movies

10 - visiting with friends

11 - church

What a busy, fun Father's Day weekend!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Baby Birds!

We have a proud Mama Robin living under our deck.

Her first of 3 babies hatched today! How very cool!

God Thinks You're Wonderful!

We were in the Christian Book Store about a year ago, and Allison had picked up this cute little book. God Thinks You're Wonderful! by Max Lucado.

We both read through it and loved it. It was so simple, and had such a good message... God Thinks You're Wonderful!

"Our hearts are

not large enough

to contain the blessings

that God wants to give.

So try this.

The next time a sunrise

steals your breath...

or a meadow of flowers

leaves you speechless...

remain that way.

Say nothing and listen

as heaven whispers,

"Do you like it?

I did it just for you."

So remember

"God is fond of you...

If he had a wallet,

your photo would be in it.

If he had a refrigerator,

your picture would be on it.

Face it friend.

He's crazy about you.

I had to buy the book, and I am so glad I did. I've enjoyed it several times, and I keep it out on the end table for anyone to pick up whenever. Just as a reminder of how God Thinks I'm Wonderful!

I hope you've enjoyed a couple of my favorite pages.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

School's Out For Summer!

I've had that song running through my head since yesterday! Yes, once again the school year is over! I made it through another round of budget cuts and layoffs, and I will be back at Lincoln in the fall to begin my 10th year in the library. We had a bonus on our last two days of school, we got out early both days because of the heat advisories. We have had such a hot spell here the past several days, and have had heat indexes go well into the 100's. Some of our schools in the district don't have AC, so the entire district gets to go home early!

Deck plants have been planted,

the sun is shining brightly,

school is out,

summer is here!

How On Earth ?!?

Puddy has always loved his birds! (July 2000)

How on earth did it happen?
The pet door?
A door held open too long?
A naughty cat?

There was a bird in our house this morning !?

I had heard the commotion while I was still in bed, I thought the cat was just going crazy as cats sometimes do. He was in Allison's room meowing and jumping around. I got up,told Puddy he was stupid, sat and had my coffee, and heard it again! I went to investigate. This time he was in my bedroom freaking out. And then I heard it! There was a bird in my room!

Being the brave, critter-wise, person I am, I closed the door and called my husband. Knowing he couldn't be home in the next minute, I donned my winter coat - hood up (I didn't want to get pecked at. you know how dangerous those sparrows can get!) I got some gloves, and entered the room. The first thing I did was grab the cat and throw him into the hall. (okay, I did that after I screamed as the bird flew to his perch atop the window curtain) I quickly went to the window he was not at and took the screens off (thank goodness for the new windows with easy to remove screens. I would have been 10 times as long if we still had the old windows) I opened the windows all the way and hurried out to get my camera. It took me maybe 10 seconds to grab my camera, and I carefully entered the bedroom. The bird was already gone. He knew what to do, and it wasn't to hang around for a photo op.

The excitement is over!
Now the cat is roaming the house looking for his new "toy".

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Leinie Ride 2011

Memorial Day weekend took us yet again to the beautiful, green state of Wisconsin.
To Chippewa Falls to be more precise.

The weather was beautiful, and Kevin, Kris and Melinda rode 50 miles again this year. They all said it was easier than last year. The weather was cooler, and yet not too cool. A wonderful sunny day!

I enjoyed the morning taking photos, relaxing, and going to the shoe sale. This year I went to the sale twice. The first time with everyone. Kris got 3 pairs of shoes, Melinda found a pair of boots, and I found a pair of shoes. Then, while they were biking the next day, I found a pair of boots, and another pair of shoes. :-) This trip definitely made up for last years, shoeless trip.

We enjoyed an outing at the River Bend Vineyard with live music, and good wine. None of us had ever been to a winery like that before, and we were definitely impressed with this one.

Of course we toured the Leinenkugel Brewery again, and enjoyed cool refreshments in the Leinie Lodge. :-)

We missed Allison again; her second year without joining us, but she had a good excuse. She is in Valencia, Spain, going to school for the summer. Maybe next year...

Leinie Ride '10

Leinie Ride '09

In Flight

A cool bird flying out of the Leinie Barn.

Mixed up May

College kids are home.

Mom visiting for 3 weeks.

Kevin to Germany for 3 weeks.

Softball with Melinda.

Everything is turning green.

Ahh, May.