Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hunting Golfs

The weekend brought Kevin and me a surprise visit from Kris, Travis and Logan. (When Kris comes home, we get to see Melinda too.) We had a quick 29 hours together, but squeezed in many fun things.

1) lunch at doughy joey's (pizza)
2) ice cream shop
3) visit to the harley dealer
4) "hunting" golfs
5) a delicious dinner of pork chops, mac and cheese, salad, and garlic bread (made mostly by Kevin and Travis)
6) a late night (9:00) walk to the ice cream shop (once we got there we deciced we didn't really want it. walked downtown and home; about a 2.5 mile walk.
7) church
8) a mexican food lunch
9) home to relax and drink cold, sweet slushies (it's 86 degrees out right now) for awhile before the young men had to leave at 3:00

Lots of laughing, talking and good food! It was great seeing everyone!

practicing our putting...

Kris and Melinda...

goofing off...

...that there's how to golf.

Giant Logan

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Perfect Saturday

I had never really thought about what I would consider a perfect Saturday, and then today I had one.
Kevin and I woke up not long after our regular time, enjoyed some delicious coffee, and got ready for the day. We left the house by 9:00.
First stop, video store to return a video from last night, Salt. It was a pretty good action/adventure movie.
Then Kevin washed the Vue while Brindle and I waited in the warm car.
At 9:15 we were off to Dubuque, 2 hours away.
We headed to the Mines of Spain state park, and enjoyed a couple of hours of hiking along all different types of terrain.
Southwest, dessert looking valleys, hills that totally wore me out, flat land, river banks, you name it, we walked it. It was a cool, windy, early spring day, and I started out wearing two jackets, and earmuffs. Kevin was brave and only wore one jacket. As the sun got higher, the day grew warmer and jackets were first unzipped, and eventually tied around our waists.
A fast food burger for lunch and our journey home began.
Our first stop was Betty Jane Candies, Easter is coming after all.
Then through some really hilly, twisty-turny countryside to Edgewood Locker to buy some delicious local meats. Then to Hazelton to an Amish store to get a few staples and wonderful homemade bread.
At last Home! Almost 9 hours later, tired and hungry.
We threw some chicken on the grill, got some baked beans on the stove, and whipped up some coleslaw, and of course we had some delicious toast with that good Amish bread.
What a wonderful Saturday!