Wednesday, January 5, 2011

House of Sickness!

Virus one Virus two,
I throw up how about you?

No, I can't eat and if I do,
everything goes right on through!

I need a drink, but it won't stay down.
I've got chills and can only frown.

I've got cramps and eyes so weary,
If I don't get well soon, I will soon be teary!

Too much information, I don't care!
You keep your virus and please don't share!

I get upstairs, you get down
lets not spread these germs around.

Virus one
Virus two
I want to feel better, how about you?


Margo said...

I take it people in your house have the bug of the week... There are some going around here as well.

kym said...

That needs to be a get well card~!