Friday, December 24, 2010

White Christmas

Kevin and Allison hiding from the camera.

Allison's Breads

Snowy Walk

Kevin, Allison, Kris and Melinda looking out the window at a stuck car. (Kevin and Kris hurried out to help push them out)

Allison, Melinda and Kris on our walk.

Hi Kris.

Working on doughnuts.

Allison on a snow mountain.

Helping shovel so we can go to the store.Almost done with the doughnuts.

Last night we all (Kevin, Kris, Allison, Melinda and I) went downtown and went out to dinner. By the time we left the restraunt, snow had begun to fall.

We walked downtown and went into some of the shops, then we headed home and played a fun new game; Wits and Wagers. We all enjoyed an evening of good food and laughter.

This morning, Christmas Eve, we awoke to fresh, white powder everywhere. Over 6 inches of it!

We baked and cooked a lot today, and Kevin and Kris shoveled -- a lot! By the time the snow stopped, almost 24 hours after it started, we had over 10 inches of fresh white snow.

We all got to take a walk, and I was exhausted by the time we got home. Trudging through knee deep snow is difficult, but fun!

I hope you all are enjoying your Christmas Eve, and are able to wake tomorrow to a beautiful Christmas day, and celebrate our Saviors birth.

Merry Christmas

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Margo said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas!