Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blizzard of December '10

Weather canceled plans for a family get together in Centerville this weekend.

snow blown between the windows

As I write, I hear the winds howling outside and can only imagine how the roads out in the open are so impassable. We made out pretty well, we were on the low end of snow. We only got 4 1/2 inches! Kraig up in Minnesota received 17! The temperatures have dropped steadily since yesterday when we had rain and 40 degree temps. This morning...5 degrees!

Allison is home with us, she had planned to go to Centerville with us, but instead we have enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend at home.

poor Allison's car

it looks so cold!

I finished up Christmas cards last night, and plan on throwing a lasagna in the oven soon.

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Margo said...

Hope you enjoy being snowed in with your little girl. I'm pretending to be snowed in today :-)