Sunday, November 21, 2010

To the Snowy White Arctic!

Yes, we went to the arctic this weekend. Well, maybe to be more precise, we went to Minnesota.

Kevin and I both took half a day off of work on Friday, and were just finishing up with the "loading of the car" when Tara pulled into the drive. We got her stuff loaded, and were headed north by 1:45.

Just over the border... SNOW!

It had been a week since their snowstorm, and the crusty white stuff still filled the ditches and covered the land!

We woke Saturday to sunshine and temperatures in the 30's. We enjoyed a day of visiting while we walked through craft stores for Tara and Ikea for me.

Tara, Kraig and Deb had never been to Ikea. I asked them how they could never have been to my favorite store before?

I had a great time showing them around.

Kraig now claims Ikea is his favorite store too, and has threatened to call or text each and every time he heads over there so he can rub it in. ( he only lives 40 minutes from the Minneapolis one. He said he may even go back today. How mean!)

After shopping all day, we headed home to the smell of roast cooking in the crockpot. Dinner was on the table 15 minutes after we got home, and we enjoyed a fun evening getting Lyn's closet put together, (Thank you Ikea ~ okay, AND Home Depot)

We looked outside around 10pm and there was a beautiful sheen covering everything! It was freezing rain!

So much for an early start home today. We had planned to be on the road by 7am, but roads were iced over and closed this morning. We kept checking the road conditions on the internet, and finally got on the road around 9am.

What a sloppy ride home, once again, half way out of Minnesota the freezing rain turned to drizzle, and then FOG!

Kevin and I are home, resting, waiting for our small group to arrive.

Poor Tara had 3 more hours to go.

What a fun weekend we had in the cold, wintery land of the north.

Isn't family great!

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kym said...

Love this! I sent you a long facebook message....:)
About blogs, I think you need to add followers! and link your blog in FACEBOOK!!! You write so well and I love your pictures!
It makes me feel like I am right there with you, although, I am really glad I did not have to work THAT puzzle!!!
Love you all!