Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Great Day For A Drive

Sunday was beautiful. Kevin and I got out of church and it was a beautiful sunny day. Such a difference from the day before. We thought a walk through Ledges State Park would be just the thing to do on such a gorgeous day. We wanted to make sure Allison would be free, so we finally got a hold of her and headed to Ames.

Ledges never happened, but instead, we went to an apple orchard, a quick walk through the mall, and then down town to an art festival. Dinner at Great Plains Pizza, and then gelato. It was fun hanging out with Allison and Emmy all afternoon and evening. I am glad we decided to make this quick trip.

We also got to visit with Travis and Logan for a while. We saw Logan's new motorcycle, and admired Travis's free engine he just got. It was nice seeing these young gentlemen. I'm glad it worked out that we could.

We drove home under a beautiful harvest moon. I tried to take several photos, but nothing did it justice... thus, no cool moon photo. :-(

(Kris was in Wisconsin with Melinda and her family on Sunday. We had gotten to hang out with them on Saturday. We watched the UNI/ISU game and went shopping, and even played Guitar Hero. Like I said, Saturday was a gloomy, drizzly day. I hate to admit it, but we even had to turn on the furnace.)

Monday, September 27, 2010


Fall is my favorite time of the year.

Sure I enjoy the sunshine and relaxing days of Summer,
a snowy walk in the early darkness of Winter, and
of course I love the new, bright green buds of leaves in Spring

but Autumn is such a special time of the year...

I love the way Fall

The shadows are getting longer, and the rays of sun have a special urgency about them.
They seems to say "Wait, I'm still here, enjoy me - I'll be gone soon."
Each day the sun goes down a little earlier,
and I am always excited to see a beautiful Harvest Moon!
The leaves are so vibrant, orange, red, and yellow.

I love the way Fall

Apple cider, cinnamon, musty leaves sitting in piles,
fireplaces starting up.
Pumpkins and cloves, and scented pine cones decorating the house.

I love the way Fall

Cicadas are gone, fans have been put away.
The AC is off, and it is
Leaves falling to the ground, and then the crunch as you walk through the fallen carpet of reds and oranges and browns. Squirrels cracking open walnuts, and soft breezes blowing through open windows. Football practice at the high school, and marching bands down the street.

I love the way Fall

Apple cake, pumpkin pie, apple cider, caramel apples, s'mores by the fire, casseroles permeating the house.

I love the way Fall feels...

Brisk mornings, and warm afternoons.
A warm jacket for an evening walk,
and a fuzzy robe in the morning.


I hope you all enjoy this wonderful time of the year!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sneaky Squirrel

We have some sneaky squirrels in our neighborhood.
They are already hiding their nuts for colder days to come.

Nobody will ever find this one!

Sneaky Squirrel!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy 21st Birthday Allison Kasey!

Had a great Friday and Saturday in Ames with the kids. Went out to eat, shopped, got to see a friend from WAY back (hi Stephanie, so nice to see you again), watched ISU lose :-(, and just enjoyed being with Kris and Allison. What a wonderful weekend!