Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Circle of .... Painting

Back in 2002 we began painting our house. Of course we started on the east side which was peeling pretty badly, and moved on to paint the front as well, just to give it a fresh look. The next year we painted the back (north side) and then stained the deck. That left only the west wall. We knew we would have to work on that this summer. It wasn't too bad, but the hail storm this year made all the slight peeling problems grow! So...

This past week we have been spending HOURS scraping, sanding, priming and painting and we are almost finished.

Each board gets scraped and sanded

two coats of primer

and two coats of paint.

On average, each board takes a little over an hour start to finish.

There are only 8 boards left to get the paint onto.

Poor Kevin, he is the one who has to paint anything above 10 feet. I don't like heights. So after work, he's been going out there and working till dusk trying to get this project checked off our to do list.

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Margo said...

YIKES! Poor Kevin! I don't do heights either. Wonder if it is nature or nurture that caused that one?