Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How Time Flies


How time flies!

It seems like just yesterday we were having record breaking cold and snow.

Then came record rain fall, and now,

summer has come and gone, and fall is knocking at our door.

The kids are back in classes and are working hard.

I am back in the Media Center, getting used to a new schedule.

Christmas is less then 4 months away!

This past weekend, we went to Centerville for our niece Nicole's wedding.

~Again, how time flies.

It seems like just yesterday we were out at their farmhouse by Lake Rathbun watching little Nicole be a little Tasmanian Devil, destroying everything in her path.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's a Miracle! * UPDATE *

It's a miracle I tell you!
Allison's poor plant-in-an-egg is still alive!

Kris did his part in trying to kill it off
( unintentionally of course).

Last weekend while we were gone to Kenny's BD party, Kris didn't realize he needed to water this poor little plant.

When I came home and saw the dried, shriveled leaves, my heart did a nose dive!

I watered the poor plant and by Monday morning, it was alive and green again.
( sure, a few of the younger, weaker leaves didn't recuperate, but the rest of it did)


The Circle of .... Painting

Back in 2002 we began painting our house. Of course we started on the east side which was peeling pretty badly, and moved on to paint the front as well, just to give it a fresh look. The next year we painted the back (north side) and then stained the deck. That left only the west wall. We knew we would have to work on that this summer. It wasn't too bad, but the hail storm this year made all the slight peeling problems grow! So...

This past week we have been spending HOURS scraping, sanding, priming and painting and we are almost finished.

Each board gets scraped and sanded

two coats of primer

and two coats of paint.

On average, each board takes a little over an hour start to finish.

There are only 8 boards left to get the paint onto.

Poor Kevin, he is the one who has to paint anything above 10 feet. I don't like heights. So after work, he's been going out there and working till dusk trying to get this project checked off our to do list.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dina's Birthday Fest 2010

Kevin is such a great husband and dad. One of the special things he has done is starting the tradition of the Birthday Fest...

Whenever one of our birthdays comes around, we get to have several days of Birthday Fest fun, not just a single day of celebrating.

This week I've gotten to pick favorite meals, movies to watch at night, and last night we went out for southern BBQ for dinner. Kevin even brought home some of my favorite flowers.Today was another special day, Kevin and I had a leisurely morning enjoying coffee, playing on the computer, and talking.

Earlier in the week, we had decided what better way to celebrate my birthday then to go to Ames to visit the kids.

Heading out of town, we stopped at a couple of garage sales
(didn't find a thing, don't need a thing, why do we stop?).

We had a great day in Ames. A little different then two weeks ago when we were there. The students are all back, the streets and sidewalks are crowded with groups of freshmen, trying to find their way. (both on campus, and in life)

We pulled into town a little before noon, and we went directly to Dublin Bay. Kris, Allison and Emmy hadn't had breakfast yet, and Kevin and I only had toast ~we were all hungry.

We had a great day visiting with Kris, Allison, and Emmy. We walked around campus, went to the bookstore, and enjoyed each others company. We got a hold of Travis and Logan, my sister's boys, who are both now attending ISU, and they both got to join us. Kris had a friend visiting from WI who graduated in May so he was there as well.

Later in the day, we enjoyed a DQ birthday cake, and between the 8 of us, we polished one off pretty quickly. (just a small one, we're not that big of pigs!)

The kids have all been enjoying Destination Iowa State, walking around seeing all the new students, and enjoying the activity. While walking around, Kris saw Dr Mirka, a professor and the chair of the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering there.
Dr. Mirka mentioned again how he reads about the Watts' on this post. One of my few fans...

"Hi Dr. Mirka" :-)

Anyway, I had a great day, and was glad the kids were all able to help me celebrate it.
Thanks everyone!

Monday, August 16, 2010



The heat has broken, no more extreme heat advisories, oppressive humidity, and sweat dripping off you while you just stand outside ~ for now anyway.


Friday we went to the Quad Cities and met family at a hotel. We were all in town for a surprise party for Kevin's brother Kenny on Saturday evening.

We bought Franks Pizza, and Jims Rib Haven ribs, chips, soda, beer, etc. and had a fun time Friday at the hotel.
We swam, hot tubbed, and visited till late into the night.

Saturday we got up and went shopping, hung out together, and had a great day just doing nothing.
It was so hot, we went from air conditioned cars, to air conditioned stores, to air conditioned rooms, until the party...

There were about 50 friends and family in Kenny and Kathy's back yard to wish Kenny a happy 50th!

DJ music played, laughter ran rampant, and the heat was constant.
Paper plates became fans, and cold drinks became compresses against hot necks and faces.

Adults didn't complain when kids began squirting them with water guns.

Oh for a small breeze.

Even though it was so hot, we all had a great time, visiting, laughing and reminiscing - once again late into the night.

With heavy eyes, and groggy minds, we woke to cooler temps Sunday morning.
We all headed our separate ways, Minnesota, Southern Iowa, and Northeast Iowa, knowing we will all be together again in two short weeks to celebrate with Nicole and Shane on their wedding day.

This morning I am sitting here with windows open, listening to the birds chirping and the cicadas screaming. They are so loud! The temperature is only 73 and all I can say is...


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Only Two Weeks to Go!

Oh no, only two more weeks and Lincoln Elementary will be back in full swing. This summer sure did go fast!

It's been a whole week since I last posted, and what have I done in that time?

Kevin and I went to Ames and moved Allison back into her dorm. (Kris and Melinda were there to help us too. It made for a pretty painless move.) It's a shame the dorm isn't a year-round one. Each May we have to move Kris and Allison into summer housing, and then each August, move them back; into the same room. (Kris has already moved into his fall housing. He did it all by himself one day.)
While we were there, we moved Emmy into his dorm, and then took Allison, Emmy, Kris and Melinda out for a Mexican meal.
Monday I did some sewing. I haven't sewn in years, but decided to break out the sewing machine and see what I could do. I ended up making two aprons. It was fun. I bought 10 patterns at the fabric store ( I couldn't resist, they were on sale for only a dollar a piece) so I plan to make a few more things in the months to come.
I've cleaned house, done some grocery shopping and tended to my veggies out on the deck.

All in all, it's been a good week.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I was cleaning our bedroom today, and as I moved the bed, I about jumped out of my shoes.

I have always been a city, or maybe rather a town girl. I've never lived in the country, or had mouse problems, and yet there...

I saw a mouse!

Upon closer inspection ...
(it was easy to take a closer inspection, the silly thing hadn't moved after all)

I noticed it was a cat toy.

Oops. Silly me!

*Heavy Sigh*

Our house is back to normal. Whatever that really means.

No little girls playing in the yard, no Grandma to play games with, and no college kids sleeping all over the basement. Everyone has gone back to their own homes.

The past month has been great and I wouldn't trade the time I got to spend with my mom and nieces for anything. But *heavy sigh* I am glad to have a little quiet time now. Maybe not quiet time, but me time.

Yesterday I went shopping and then came home and cooked for almost 3 hours. I made 3 different meals and a jello cake. One of our small-group members broke her ankle and we decided to help out by making some food for them, so I made lasagna, beefy-rice casserole, and a chicken casserole. I made enough for us too, so I won't have to cook for awhile, and all of these dishes taste better left over.

Today? I'm not sure what to do yet, I want to wash sheets and get them hung out, but because of the weather, they will have to wait one more day. Rain, rain, rain. What more do I need to say.