Friday, July 16, 2010

No Respect!

Alright, I will admit it, I have been known to kill a few plants in my day.

I water, prune, and make sure the plants have plenty of sun.
Still they die.

Even Melinda is getting in on the harassing of poor me.

She was over a couple of weeks ago, and looking at Allison's plant in an egg she asked,
"Is it supposed to be all fuzzy?"
But let me ask you, with my record, would you leave your plants with me to tend to?
I sure wouldn't.

I feel bad for Allison, every plant she leaves at home...
well they die.

All I can say is, take them with you.
Allison had better come get her plant, and soon.

Right now it is green and looks healthy, but by next week I am sure it will be a thing of the past.

1 comment:

Margo said...

Poor plant... It looks so tiny and helpless. Just remember what happened to Audry in "Little Shop of Horrors" I hope it isn't eating raw hamburger yet :-)