Thursday, July 29, 2010

Play Time

What a busy day we have had.Up early to take Kevin to a canoe trip he had to do with work people.
Home for breakfast.(cereal or waffles today)
A 10am showing of Shrek 4 Ever After ( a special showing they have for families Wed. and Thur. mornings)
A haircut for Sunee they took off 3-4 inches. (see photos, she wanted her family to be able to see)
Lunch at Arbys.
Playing at the super playground until nature called.
Now home to play Princess, FBI and maybe even jump in the pool again.


afterI know I'm going to be ready for bed tonight.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lost In the Land of Make-Believe


Playing Princess with

red and purple hair

Blue eyeshadow and RED lipstick

Walking around the lake with their Prince dates

Cousins having fun

in a land of make-believe in

Uncle Kevin and Aunt D's backyard


Izzy didn't feel well and hadn't eaten anything all day. She began to feel better, so I let her choose what we had for dinner.


Chicken Nuggets

Popcorn Chicken

French Fries


( I did cook a couple bags of broccoli - it didn't go over very well though :-)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Exchanging of the Mom

Kevin and I went down to the Quad Cities Saturday morning in order to take mom back to Illinois.

We met Kim and Travis at Jim's Rib Haven. ( We went to the one in East Moline.)
This place has the best ribs. Kevin and I are repeat customers, and wanted to share with Kim and especially Travis how great these ribs are.

After two hours of finger licking, face wiping, laughing at how messy we were, and visiting, we went our different ways. Kim, Travis and Mom headed east, and Kevin and I headed west with a quick stop at Uncle Kenny's house...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Halloween Came Early * previously known as Spa Night

Kevin wanted me to tell you that Halloween came early to the Watts house this year.

We had wax monsters

and the dreaded

Chocolate Face

come visit us.

Mom really enjoyed the hand treatment. (She had to go buy one to take home)

And Allison the chocolate mask.

Snow in July?

Tropical Snow Cones

Sweet and Tangy and Cold.

When the temperature is in the 90's

one of these treats taste so good!

Where's Mine? (yes, we did give her some)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bella's First Birthday

Deb and Bill picked up a little four pound, four week old puppy 11 months ago today.
Bella was born July 18th, 2009.
Today we celebrated with Bill and Deb and their happy (not so little anymore) addition to not only their family, but the neighborhood.
Happy Birthday Bella!

Who Needs an Excuse for Ice Cream Cake

OK, maybe we do...

Mom wasn't with us for her birthday in June.

Kevin's birthday was only a week ago.

Diana's birthday is in August and mom and Allison won't be here then.

Allison's birthday is in September and she will be at school.

We all sang Happy Birthday (you've got to know my mom) and when we came to the you or name part, we sang ME.

We laughed and had a great evening.

Summer Sundays

Sunday, I always enjoy Sundays.

Going to Church

Lunch (homemade pizza today)

While my mom napped, with Allison leading the train, Kevin, Allison and I headed to the pound to walk dogs.
We enjoyed seeing the cute kittens, the large, fat cats, and as always the dogs.Being there, seeing the dogs reminded me too much of Zoey.
It made me miss her all over again.
Now for our neighbor dog's birthday party in about an hour. She is one year old today.

An evening of games are on the schedule to finish off the day.

Friday, July 16, 2010

No Respect!

Alright, I will admit it, I have been known to kill a few plants in my day.

I water, prune, and make sure the plants have plenty of sun.
Still they die.

Even Melinda is getting in on the harassing of poor me.

She was over a couple of weeks ago, and looking at Allison's plant in an egg she asked,
"Is it supposed to be all fuzzy?"
But let me ask you, with my record, would you leave your plants with me to tend to?
I sure wouldn't.

I feel bad for Allison, every plant she leaves at home...
well they die.

All I can say is, take them with you.
Allison had better come get her plant, and soon.

Right now it is green and looks healthy, but by next week I am sure it will be a thing of the past.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How Hot?

This is northern Iowa for goodness sakes. I just checked the temperature, there is a heat index of 116 degrees. Wow! I knew I was hot when I was outside.

One Month...Gone

One month of summer is already gone. How sad. Only one more and I will be getting ready for school to begin. Since the 4th of July, I have been busy...

1. Picking up my mom to spend a few weeks with us. (I picked her up 2 hr. from here. My sister meets me half way.)

2. Planning another trip to Clear Lake
a. packing tons of food
b. packing tons of bedding
c. loading the Vue

3. Having a great weekend in Clear Lake and upon returning,
a. unloading the Vue
b. washing tons of sheets
c. washing tons of towels
d. washing tons of swimming clothes

4. Visiting with our children

5. A midsummer luncheon with coworkers.

6. Playing many games with my mom.
phase ten dice
phase ten cards
rummy cube

7. Being crafty with my mom. She wanted to make shirts for her sisters. (actually just adding an iron on) but it still took an afternoon to wash, plan, print, iron, etc...

It's been a busy, but fun summer so far. I can't wait to see what the next four weeks bring.
hum? painting, cleaning, photos, who knows?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Silly Dog!

We always want what we can't have.
Brindle, almost 13 years old, decided to lay in the cat bed since we hadn't brought hers out to the living room.
Silly dog!

Do you think she was comfortable?

Monday, July 5, 2010

July 4th Weekend Fun

Lost Island!
Water slides.
Lazy River.
Sunscreen and

What a fun July 3rd we had!

After our day in the sun, we went to see fireworks in Waterloo.
What a spectacular show!