Thursday, June 3, 2010

Here comes Summer!

Memorial Day has come and gone, summer is just around the corner.

This is the first year that Allison didn't go to Wisconsin with us and we really missed her.
Especially me.
I missed her in the pool, we are the ones that usually stay in there forever.
I missed her at the shoe sale.
It just wasn't the same without her. I walked through the sale tent...
looked through my size,
looked through Allison's size (even though I would never buy anything for her without trying them on. Every shoe is so different, even if they all say size 7.5) anyway,
nothing that would have grabbed Allison and said buy me.
So on to the main store.

the aisles
I was in and out of there in 45 minutes. What a let down. Oh well, maybe next year.

Kevin, Kris and Melinda all rode on the bike ride.

After 3+ hours, I decided to go and find them. I know they have sag wagons to pick them up if they can't go on, but I figured I could at least go see where they were. I wasn't worried, just sort of bored.
I began at the finish line and drove the route backwards, it was easy, I just drove towards all the bikes.
I found them about 10 miles out. I shared my water, and drove to the top of the largest hill a couple of miles back toward the finish.
"This is where one of them might just decide to catch a ride if they are going to" is what I thought.


50 miles



Margo said...

How wonderful! 50 miles is a wonderful ride. Sorry you didn't have Allie along to play with. It just isn't as much fun shopping for shoes solo :-)

kym said...

That is aMaZinG! :) Great post! I was sad Allison wasn't is hard/fun when they are growing up like this! :)