Sunday, May 16, 2010

Watts Family Slideshow

We made this video as an invite to the lake this year for the
Watts Family Reunion 2010.
The Kevin Watts family enjoy going to the lake each year,
and have enjoyed holding a Watts Family Reunion up there every couple of years.
We hope it will be just as much fun this year as in years past.
The cabin is getting a bit more crowded each time we go with the whole family.
There are more and more and more babies and children and new in-laws with

The Watts Family Reunion is almost here!


Margo said...

Loved the slideshow - I hope you have a wonderful turnout and that everyone has a great time this summer :-)

Watts Family said...

Margo, thanks for all the comments you leave. I love it. Sometimes I wonder if anyone ever sees my blog, at least I know you do. You're a great sister!

Margo said...

Awwww..... Thank you. I love your blog. It makes me feel closer to my family. :-)

All my love <3