Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little Logie Graduated

This past weekend, Kevin and I headed for Illinois. My nephew Logan was graduating from High School. (Valedictorian) We went a day early and stopped to visit with Kevin's family first. We went to our favorite pizza place in Silvis, Frank's Pizza. A hole in the wall bar/restaurant that Kevin has known about since he was a young boy. Ummm
Our niece Geni and her significant other Mike, came and joined us. We then went back to their place and visited till late. After that we even had one more stop, Kevin's brother Kenny's house. We were there till well past midnight, but we had such a great time catching up. We hadn't seen each other since Christmas time.

We stayed in a hotel in Moline where they have three resident ducks this time of year. They always return to lay eggs. They stay in the fountain/pond out front. We were checking out Saturday morning, and here comes a female duck right through the automatic doors, two males were following close behind. The receptionist told us they wanted their breakfast. Apparently, they walk right through the front door and in return get led out with a couple pieces of bread. How cute!
On to graduation... only an hour and a half away. We were so proud of Logan. He, along with two other valedictorians and one salutatorian, gave a speech, and we had a great time being there to support him. A very nice evening, and Logan really racked up the scholarships! (He will be joining Kris, Allison and Travis at ISU in the fall) We had a great evening visiting with friends and family back at the house. We stayed up too late again.Back home on Sunday. Kris was home watching the dog for us, so we had a late lunch with him and Melinda. Then we went to the par 3 and played a quick round. It was a hot windy day, and none of us were very good, but we had a great time! Back home for a 6:00 small group from church. We always meet at our house, and we barely beat them there this time. :-)
What a weekend. Memorial Day Weekend, here we come.....

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