Sunday, May 9, 2010

5 years later...

Kristopher graduated!

What a great day we had in Ames, Iowa yesterday. The weather was a little cold and windy, but we had such a nice day being with family and friends celebrating with Kris as he graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Industrial Engineering.

The Engineering College held a breakfast and small ceremony first thing in the morning. My sister Kim, her husband Kenny, my mom and nephew Travis John (who they were picking up from school to take home for the summer) all got to attend. Allison, and Kris's fiancee Melinda, and her parents were all in attendance. We got to meet some of Kris's professors whom we have heard so much about. Each of the graduates got to go up front and introduce their guests, and speak a little. That was really nice.

After the breakfast, we stood around and visited and took photos for quite a while, and then decided to go have some lunch before we had to head to the actual graduation at 1:30.

The graduation was very nice, there were close to 1300 graduates. The entire ceremony lasted a little over 2 hours. I thought they were very efficient how quickly things got done.

We are so proud of Kris, he has worked really hard and has accomplished so much. He finishes his RA position this week and will be moving into summer housing.

This summer he will be working at the university doing research. He will travel a little and enjoy not going to classes for a couple of months.

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Margo said...

Congratulations Kris!!!

WOOHOO!!! I'm proud of you!