Saturday, February 20, 2010

Still doing Home Improvements

Finally we have begun working in the family area downstairs. After 3 long months of holidays, visiting, being just too tired, we are well on our way. I painted one wall with the original color we picked out, and we decided it was too dark. If it were in any room upstairs, it would probably work, but being in a daylight basement, we felt it would feel too cave-y. (yes I like to make up words) So we went with a lighter color, and it looks great. We tore up carpet yesterday and got part of the new flooring laid.
It snowed again last night so Kevin is out snow blowing our drive and the neighbor lady's, then after a coffee break, we will begin another days work.

too dark

a little brighter

before the tear-up

a lot of back breaking work

looking so much better!

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